Welcome to Virtual Reality Computers - Our Mission is "To supply valuable customised solutions to our clients using leading edge products and services". These solutions can be based in the Cloud, On-premise or a Hybrid of both platforms.

The Defects Mobile Solution
Defects Mobile is the Solution for managing Defects, Checklists and Incomplete Works for Construction Projects and Post Completion. Allows capture and recording of defects with Photos and incomplete works on Constructions sites and in the field using hand held Devices. Adding, Managing, Closing out, Punch Lists, Snag Lists, Checklists with embeded Business Intelligence are all easy with this solution. Defects Mobile is tightly integrated with Facility Manuals.
Business Solutions
We design and build complete Business Solutions for Cloud, On-premise or a Hybrid of both, Client/Server, On-Line, Mobile and Wireless platforms. We supply customised solutions for Construction, Transport, Manufacturing and IT. Solutions are built using the latest technologies such as, SQL Server, .NET Framework, Microsoft Office, Exchange Server and Visual Studio.

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